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My Hosts Get the Most!

What’s a virtual Tupperware® party?

Here is a quick overview video go my virtual Tupperware® parties.

My virtual parties are held on Zoom and/or Facebook. I do two kinds of virtual parties: Multi-Host Parties and Private Facebook Parties.

Multi-Host Parties. These fun-packed live events last about 90 minutes and include games, demonstrations, and prize drawings for guests. These themed parties include Keno and BINGO nights, for example. Many hosts and their guests participate at the same time, which add to the party atmosphere and sometimes friendly competition between parties.

Private Facebook Party. These fast-paced live parties last about 30 minutes and are geared towards your two kinds of shoppers: the express shoppers who just want to shop the store and support your party, and the full-experience shoppers who want it all — the prizes and the shopping specials.

Host Coaching. I help you every step of the way from the day we book your party to the delivery of your free Host gifts.

My goals are the same no matter which party format you choose — for everyone to have fun and to help you get the most as a Host.

What do Hosts get?

What do you get when you host a virtual Tupperware party with me? Check out this short video or scroll down below to learn more about these exclusives and my virtual Tupperware party.

When you host a virtual Tupperware party with me, I want to help you have the most successful party possible and I want to shower you with lots of FREE Tupperware!

Dating Gift. When you schedule and hold your party on the original date, you will get an exclusive piece of Tupperware from me for free. This exclusive piece cannot be purchased and is only available for hosts. And when you complete a few party challenges (more on this when you book your party), you will earn even more dating gifts from me! And the party hasn’t even started yet!

Thank You Gift. When your party’s sales reach $200 or more, you will get to choose one of these Thank You Gifts for FREE!

These Thank You Gifts are also not available for purchase and are only available to hosts.

Host Credits & Half-Price Products. The higher your party’s sales, the more Host Credit you’ll earn towards a shopping extravaganza for FREE Tupperware products. At the same time, you’ll qualify to purchase up to three additional products of your choice at half price. See this chart below:

Host Gift Specials. When your party achieves qualifying sales of $500 or more and two or more of your guests book and hold their own virtual parties with me within 21 days, you’ll qualify to purchase exclusive, better value offers with your Host Credit like these:

How-to of Hosting

So what do you need to do when hosting a virtual Tupperware party?

  1. Reach out to me to schedule your party.
  2. Decide what you want to spend your Host Credits on. Host Credit and half-price products may be redeemed for ANY full price product in the catalog or season brochure, except the fundraising items.
  3. Invite 50 of your friends (try to get at least 30 RSVPs).
  4. Participate by liking and commenting on each of the posts within the party. This is key to the success of your party (when your guests see you participating, they will participate, too!)
  5. Share your specialized shopping link with the guests that couldn’t attend.
  6. Have fun!

Don’t worry about the details; I will coach you along the way. Remember: the larger your party, the more FREE Tupperware you can qualify for!

Book Me Today! Send me an email and let me know you’re interested in booking a Facebook party.