Modular Mates and Where to Find Them.

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My name is Gary Koji Nakamura (please, call me Koji), and I help busy households tame the chaos of the kitchen with quick, easy-to-follow organizational tips and strategies using Tupperware.

My mission: To help families save money by eliminating waste in their kitchens.

Gary Koji nakamura

My journey

with Tupperware began in 2017 when I signed up to be a consultant for the discounts.

I wasn’t expecting to get much more out of it. But to my surprise by the end of that first year, not only did I tupperize my kitchen on a discount, I made many lifelong friends and memories, qualified for and attended my first Jubilee in Florida, and was recognized as the top rookie in personal sales for my company.

My life has changed for the better because of my business, and I want to share that opportunity with anyone who wants something a little more in their life.

Why Modular Mates?

You have many options when it comes to pantry storage solutions. Find out what my NUMBER 1 reason that makes Tupperware Modular Mates my ultimate answer to cabinet chaos that saves time, money, waste, and space.

If your pantry isn’t becoming to you, then you should be coming to me!

Pantry Before and After

Kitchen Organization Master Class

Join my free, easy-to-follow program to help you organize your pantry and save you money!

Modular Mates

Choose Your Adventure:


My VIP clients enjoy exclusive party/sample sales and giveaways throughout the year. They also receive sneak-peaks of new products and upcoming specials (and it’s free!).


Host = FREE + 1/2 OFF Tupperware!
My hosts get the most when they invite their friends to my online (virtual) party events, including a free shopping spree in the Tupperware catalog and up to three half-off coupons for anything in the catalog (even the Chef Series II Cookware Essential Set!).


Team Member = 25 to 35% Discounts + Business $ Bonuses
My team members receive world-class support and training for whichever path they choose:
from discount buyer to party queen/king. Find out what the NUMBER 1 reason why people became Tupperware consultants. (They may surprise you!)

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