Squares versus Rectangulars

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With several options to choose from, which Modular Mates® shape is best for your kitchen? The squares or the rectangulars?

The short answer: it depends.

Modular Mates® is the perfect storage solution for your dry goods and everyday supplies that keep your home running smoothly. Their air-tight seals keep freshness in and insects and other contaminants out, and their clear body allows you to see what you have left and what you need to add to your shopping list without touching a single container. In short, Modular Mates® save you time and money!

Both the squares and rectangulars are great for scoopable ingredients like flour and sugar. So, which ones should you get for your kitchen?

My recommendation is to go with the size that will help you maximize all of the space in your cabinets. If your cabinet shelves are 12-inches deep or longer, then the rectangulars are going to be the fit for you. If your cabinets are 8-inches to 11-inches deep, then the squares will fit much better.

If you are using Modular Mates® for your countertops, then squares are the better option because they take up less surface space, giving you more room to do more on your counters.

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