Storage for face masks.

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Storage for face masks
I have found the Modular Mates® Rectangular 1 is the perfect size to store reusable face masks.

Have you amassed a collection of face masks like I have? Quick Tip: Keep your cloth or disposable face masks clean and dust-free in an air-tight container while storing.

Modular Mates® Rectangular 1’s are the perfect size to keep your masks safe. Have more than a few? Step up to a Rectangular 2. The transparent sides make it easy to look for that matching print for your outfit without having to touch your masks. I love the sturdiness and versatility of Modular Mates®.

Modular Mates® are dishwasher safe and come with a limited lifetime warranty. If it chips, cracks, peels, or breaks, you can get it replaced.

How are you storing your masks?

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