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Squares versus Rectangulars

With several options to choose from, which Modular MatesĀ® shape is best for your kitchen? The squares or the rectangulars? The short answer: it depends. Modular MatesĀ® is the perfect storage solution for your dry goods and everyday supplies that keep your home running smoothly. Their air-tight seals keep freshness […]

Modular Mates 2020

Modular Mates and Where to Find Them.

Aloha! My name is Gary Koji Nakamura (please, call me Koji), and I help busy households tame the chaos of the kitchen with quick, easy-to-follow organizational tips and strategies using Tupperware. My mission: To help families save money by eliminating waste in their kitchens. Gary Koji nakamura If your pantry […]


Storage for face masks.

Quick Tip: Keep your cloth or disposable face masks clean and dust-free in an air-tight container while storing.