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Why Modular Mates?

Of all the products Tupperware makes, my absolute favorite is Modular Mates!


I do have favorites.

Tupperware makes a lot of great products, including the instantly-recognizable Thatsa Bowl with its thumb handle, and the infamous ice cream scoop that can cut through the hardest ice creams and sorbets.

But my absolute favorite product line is the Modular Mates system.


An organized pantry is a happy pantry.

Modular Mates containers help you compactly store tons of dry foods and keep it all extremely fresh. Keep staples like flour and rice, snacks like chips and cookies, and even your pet food and treats, fresh and organized. These containers might become your most important pantry staple!

There’s so much to love.

Save money.
Keeps food fresh longer.

Makes kitchen operations more efficient. Containers can be grouped so contents are easy to locate, monitor, and keep in supply.

Save space.
Modular designs, stackable and configured to store a large amount of food in limited space.

Many sizes and shapes to fit nearly any kitchen or storage challenge.

  • Virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals keep food fresh longer, keep out insects, and save you money.
  • Seals to fit all containers in multiple color choices. Customize your kitchen to fit your color scheme.
  • Modular Mates are see-through, allowing you to easily identify contents and check quantities for restocking.
  • Capacities are engraved on the bottom of the containers to help you decide what food fits in each container.
  • Contemporary style complements any décor.

And best of all, when you invest in Tupperware Modular Mates, not only are you getting high-quality, BPA-free containers, you’re also getting Tupperware’s world-class limited lifetime warranty. So if it chips, cracks, peels, or breaks under normal, non-commercial use, you can get it replaced!

Modular Mates

Not just for the pantry.

Tupperware Modular Mates are not limited to your pantry. In fact, you can organize and save space throughout your home, car, garage, boat, RV, or any other space needing organization. Check out my Instagram account, where I feature other uses of Modular Mates throughout the year. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @rectangularonedotcom.

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