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Why Tupperware?

Something a little more.

Some have started their Tupperware business for a little more cash in their pockets. Some for a little more excitement. Some wanted a little more time with adults (you parents know what I mean).

I started for the discounts.

What I have learned from being in Tupperware for several years now is that no matter why you join the team, you are going to get a little more something in your life: more friends, more confidence, and more opportunities.

All direct selling companies offer flexibility, discounts, incentives, and tax benefits. Why should you choose Tupperware?

  • Over 70 years of success with brand name recognition and solid financials.
  • A Fortune 500 company traded on the NYSE, which gives transparency.
  • A company with a cause. Tupperware products are focused on helping people to reduce their individual impact on the environment by minimizing their plastic and food waste.
  • No inventory needed. Consultants collect orders and then submit them to the company. Customers can also buy directly from Tupperware and consultants are credited for the sale.
  • No auto-ships. You control your ordering.
  • No product competition. Our precision molding, innovative products, and lifetime warranty separate us from the copy cats.
  • Minimal start-up investment.
  • Free car program. Really free. Not a cash allowance one you have committed yourself to a lease. It’s a free car with the lease, insurance, registration, and tires paid by Tupperware.
  • Established training systems with online and personal support.
  • Everyone needs our product.

6 Types of Consultants:

Friends and Family Consultant

Likes the idea of buying products for personal use and earns 25% commission automatically. Sells to family, friends, and neighbors.

Seasonal Consultant

Sells during a specific time period, to help catch up on bills or to buy something special. Earn 25% commission automatically and awards.

Hobby Consultant

Loves doing home parties and earning extra money and awards when it’s convenient. Loves the flexible schedule.

Catalog Party Consultant

Wants to make money but can’t do home parties, so will show catalogs to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and earn 25% commission autimatically.

Fundraiser Consultant

Loves to help schools, businesses, special programs, or individuals raise 40% for their cause. Consultants earn 25% commission on 60% of the sales from a fundraiser.

Business Building Consultant

Is serious about building a team and owning their own company, earning up to 8% royalties, free trips (Disney, Hawaii, and more), diamonds and jewelry, cars, and other awards.